Job hunting venting thread! For the record, let me state for those who don’t know me that I am a dude, who sort of stumbled into this place years ago and as long as i don’t say anything to stupid, i’m allowed to hang out.

So a quick flashback. I was working for the University Of Oklahoma, as a contractor doing I.T support for the Department Of Human Services. At the end of last year our contract ended, the organisation OMES, the Office Of Management and Enterprise Systems who runs all I.T for the state choose not to renew us. So now I work for OKDHS Live!, basically doing applications and renewals for food stamps and energy assistance all day. It pays less than what I was making but it’s still a job.

That said I am still working and I thought I had a good lead on a Quality Assurance position with PayCom, a company that does HR software. I had a good talk with the recruiter and he said he would pass it along to his hiring manager. This is where things get frusturating. The hiring manager wanted me to track down supervisors from jobs I had in 2009 and 2010. The first one was Sprint, where I did tech support when I moved to Oklahoma City in 2009. I didn’t make it there because I couldn’t handle the handle time metrics. The second was for the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. I was brought in as a governor’s appointee to assist with high call volumes. I was not there even a month when I was let go, for what I assumed to be a drop in call volume. First in, first out. From then on my work history was solid and consistent. So i was shocked that the hiring manager wanted to hear from supervisors at these jobs before even taking my call. I tried to get verification from Sprint HR and from OESC HR but despite all my efforts, the recruiter made it clear that she wanted to speak to the supervisors and nothing else would do.

So yeah, i’m kind of pissed. I’m pissed at her for demanding what is essentially something that is impossible to obtain and not even talking to me. I’m pissed at the recruiter for not knowing that this might be an issue, since he saw my resume and contacted me. I’m pissed at OESC for killing what has been my best job since I moved down here. Lastly i’m pissed that I am stuck in a job that isn’t fulfilling in my I.T field, that is more stressful than my last one and it wasting my Network+ and A+ certifications. Anyway that’s my vent. If you’re having a lot of bullshit thrown your way in your quest to find gainful employment get it off your chest.