I feel as though we have been living the plot of some dramatic film for the last few weeks. But all this is true.

A few weeks ago, the husbeast felt ill. Went to bed determined to sleep it off and continue our weekend plans of building our new garden beds. By Sunday, he was hospitalized- his kidneys were shutting down from severe dehydration. A nasty respiratory infection was the cause. Got that wrangled and he is now on the mend.

Now know that his mother has been living with us for nearly a year on hospice care. This lil lady has survived breast cancer twice and a bout with lung cancer, and was told in September 2016 she had maybe a month or two to live at best. She just kept on ticking.

It’s only been in the last few months that she required a wheelchair to get around the house, but on Saturday last, she became completely bed bound.

By Sunday she could no longer respond to us. She had fallen completely unconscious.

We were administering morphiene each hour to ease her, and hospice told us it was hours for her to live.

In the meantime, I began to feel the effects of the crud roaring through the house, but was determined to shrug it off as allergies.

Husband and I did 4 hour shifts, giving meds, talking to her. No response.

She passed away Wednesday at 1 am. We were up the rest of the night with the wonderful hospice nurse and the funeral home folks that came to pick her up.

Around 6 am, our eldest daughter who was 39 weeks pregnant, told us she had this intense and horrible itching on her hands and feet. We encouraged her to call her doctor and she went in and got checked. She was admitted to the hospital immediately with a liver disorder that occurs in pregnancy that required them to induce labor.

I hightailed it to our faithful family doctor and got meds for my crud.

On Thursday around 8 pm, our daughter gave birth to our first grandchild. A healthy, beautiful baby boy.

I helped her during labor with a mask and gloves, and was privileged to see this little gent be born.

When I finally collapsed into bed about midnight on Thursday, I finally had a few moments to reflect on everything.

One soul leaves, another comes to take their place.

The circle of life can be both beautiful and painful.

Not a movie plot- real life.