Hello all. I wanted to thank everybody again for being so nice to my daughter Catalina and I - she’s three weeks old today and still fighting the good fight.

On about Tuesday last week we got to hear her odds were still very bad and we got super anxious. She had a big crisis that same night but responded really well to the treatments and by the weekend had improved enough that she could be removed from the ventilator and put on CPAP, which is much gentler on her lungs. She lasted on it until this morning, when she had a big apnea spell that was difficult to manage and doctors decided to intubate her again. They say it’s fine and her lungs are much better. Everyone is super optimistic but I’ve been having this sense of dread since last night - I lost it at 4 am and cried loads and was so scared. She had her crisis at 5 am. I’m hoping I’ll get over it after sleeping it through.

Anyway: she was expected to die within her first 48 hours, but it’s 21 days later (28 weeks gestational age) and she’s still here. She’s 1 lb 9 oz at the moment and her most important goal now is to gain weight and keep growing. I love her so much it hurts, you guys, but I go visit her every day and get to hold her like in the picture below (it’s supposed to mimic the feel of the walls of the womb) or feel her tiny fist closing on my finger and it’s everything I could’ve asked for.

Please keep my baby in your thoughts and prayers if you can. Once again, thanks so much to everybody who took a moment to read my posts and send good vibes. It meant the world to me and still does.