Hi All Again, I’m pretty frustrated with my job-hunting right now and recently applied to a position that I know would be perfect for me. It’s at a place that I used to work for for years, and it’s only for two months but FT. Seems like I didn’t get that either. Had a phone interview to be selected for a second in-person interview and was told I’d hear from someone (I know the person doing the hiring) within the week. Crickets.

I don’t think I’m entitled at all, but I’m tired of being rejected from these positions that pay next to nothing and I know I’m more than qualified for. Being a black woman in the workforce alone is tiring enough.

I’m asking all you entrepreneurial-mined Jezzies out there how you decided to start your own business, work for yourself, or to freelance? I might as well work towards doing something on my own while looking for a job, but I have no idea what I’d do on my own and I’ve been struggling with that for years.

Podcasting and writing is all I have that I think I’d be good at for right now. My actual writing skills could be a whole lot better but I’m not sure in what ways could I go about and improve it.