Pet thread, anyone? A photo and then a story about the goofball displayed therein.

I take it back. Two stories. First story: I saw GotG2 today, and I’ve changed my mind about this guy (who has been mentioned here many times before. One of my former coworkers nicknamed him Special Ed. Because Reasons) being a direct descendant of Toothless. He’s actually a cross between Toothless and Baby Groot.

In related news, the aforementioned kitty was on top of his very tall kitty tree (it almost reaches the ceiling) when my landlord came over and knocked on my door to take a look at my new washer and dryer that were just delivered and installed today (yay! I can haz clean underwear!). Normally when he needs to get down off the top of the tree, he does this extremely ungraceful sort of reverse climb, but he does control his descent and doesn’t fall. When she knocked this time, he FELL OFF THE TREE. Right off the top onto the floor. I laughed for a solid five minutes, and five hours later, I’m still on the verge of laughter just *thinking* about it.

Show me your critters, please? Or tell a story about them? Or someone else’s? Or one you saw in a zoo? Really, I just want to hear stories about animals tonight. I’m not picky about your relationship to them.