Hey y’all, maybe some of you might have some advice for a girl who’s feeling a lot of anxiety. So I’ve had a rough past couple of years and have always had terrible luck wth dating guys, but I met a guy who seems really great and actually into me and wants to take me out tomorrow which makes me nervous to start. But it’s also the first time I’m going on a date with someone since I’ve been in recovery and since I’ve been diagnosed bipolar. I’m terrified that these things will scare any decent guy away, and I know I don’t have to be ashamed, but it’s also realistically not something I could hide from someone longterm. How long are you supposed to wait to tell someone something like that? Am I being paranoid?I’m almost tempted to bail but I know that’s ridiculous because he kinda seems really great, but I’m just so nervous about how he might react, or getting really into him only to see him run for the hills the second he hears this. Anyone had to deal with this before and have any words of wisdom?