Anyone with neighbors from hell? And how to deal with them?

I live in a pretty noisy city. Despite the noise pollution, I live in a 6 unit building that is usually quiet... usually.

All the residents get along pretty well. However, my upstairs neighbor has a live-in BF who insists on blaring the speakers. I think they’re called subwoofers. It’s right above my bedroom, where I spend 99% of my time watching TV. Speaking of TV, it’s become impossible to hear anything i’m watching. Currently I’m attempting to watch The Magnificent Seven TV series(amazing show btw), but 8 e given up due to the noise. Usually after sending her a text message, the noise will settle down. But the next Saturday, same shit.

I don’t want to complain to tell landlord. The screen name is an accurate description of my personality, and hate confrontations. But what should I do? 

He only waits until she’s at work to do this shit. It’s not necessarily even the volume, he can keep the level up. It’s the bass that’s the issue. I should also mention that it’s reggae music, and even a casual fan knows has a verrrry heavy baseline.

I’ll post the audio in a few so you can get an idea of the hell I’m living in.

Sorry for being tldr. I’m just mad and really needed to vent.