I’m starting a new treatment for my anxiety on monday and i’m kind of nervous. Some of my anxiety is due to asthma and issues im having due to an overactive pelvic (fml)... but during easter i kind of went out of my comfort zone and told someone i considered a friend that I had feelings for him and wanted to explore them. He had previously tried and I turned him down (we were drunk, i didnt want to jeopardize a friendship). Basically he said that’s nice, but i had a crush on another girl for over a year, recently asked her out, and want to explore that. if it doesnt work out i totally want to explore things with you tho! I held my ground and kindly expressed that he would not get another chance with me and that I would move on. We are forced to see each other a lot because we are both i university and live in the same place with about 15 other people. The situation has exacerbated my anxiety. I know that you risk getting your heart broken in these situations and that I was brave for trying but.... How do you cultivate a frame of mind that enables you to enter a healthy relationship when you come from a dysfunctional family? I feel like hearing from people who came out on the other side would help my anxiety cause rn idk anything