Charter School update:

Teacher was arrested. Had a really eventful staff meeting with our Principal’s supervisor, and no other admin, which led to about half of the staff staying around to talk with her one on one about problems we’ve had throughout the year. There were a lot of teachers who felt better because of the supervisor’s actions.

Lest y’all think that things are fully better, we discovered that some students had made a meme of the teacher’s mug shot and were filing instagram with some horrendous comments about the victim and her family. Admin came in to address the situation, class by class, during the last period of the day. Of course that had little effect on the students so most of us teachers wound up giving a measured but honest speech to the class about how terrible those memes are. Honestly, kids are going to do dumb shit like this, and we can’t -and I didn’t- fault them for it because no one has bothered to help them process this since it happened, over two weeks ago.

On the upside, I’ve got three more instructional days left and then I get to spend the rest of May either testing or holding review days/study halls.