Jezzies, I need help! I am due to have a baby at the end of the month and it was looking like I would be able to work until the end but things have been SUCKING physically and I am more than likely going to be spending the next 19 days “resting.”

I AM GOING TO LOSE MY MIND. I do NOT do well with “rest,” y’all. I have spent the last two days watching Netflix and staring at the internet and it is just killing me. I can’t do much walking or standing without feeling fucking awful. I can manage approximately 30 minutes of mild activity before I need to lie down again.

Any suggestions for shit to do? I got a cross stitch kit and have a tax law textbook coming on Monday so I can get ahead on a class I have to take next year, but I am going to need more shit to do or I am going to chew off my leg.