Haven’t been around for this in a few weeks. Last week I had my mum’s weekend away. Five glorious days visiting with my mum and sister and grandparents. Grandpa taught me some tai chi. Kind of neat to be 35 (well, a little over a week away omg) and have a grandpa running your exercise class in the living room.

I have noticed a huge improvement in my anxiety over the past year, since starting meds and whatnot. But I can’t seem to fully shake the social stuff. I have these friends next door now. They are great. We frequently find our selves out on the front porch with beers and suddenly it’s midnight. Ha. But I think I spent so many years being excluded and bullied that it’s hard to adjust to having people around who choose to hang out with me. I keep thinking they are going to find out I’m not cool. Damn, that words will never hurt me thing is not true.