My first born was severely prone to car sickness from about age 1. He’s 7 now and has slowly grown out of it. However, for a few years there, it was terrifying to put him in the car (fortunately, we lived in a big city and had good transit options and he never got sick on a bus or train). Even on short trips (2 miles or less) there was probably a 25% chance he would hurl. We tried to not let him drink milk if we were going for a drive within an hour. We minimized food intake for an hour before a car ride. He might still puke, but less cleanup. Kept cloth towels, vinegar spray, and paper towels in the trunk. Brought a couple of changes of clothes. Eventually, we discovered those car sickness bracelets, and he’s only puked once (I think) wearing those. But he also doesn’t get sick like he used to.

However, the worst damage he ever did due to motion sickness wasn’t in the car. It was on an American Airlines flight when he was 4. It was his first flight. We burned some frequent flier points and got the first class upgrade. Exciting, huh?

He refused most of the lunch they brought him. Picky eater. Then came the warm cookies: he ate his. And mine. And mom’s. And the guy sitting next to mom’s cookie.

Then we landed. And he EXPLODED. He repainted first class. Torrents of chocolate chip cookie vomit came out of him. Fortunately we were in the first row, so he didn’t puke on anyone except himself (and me, but not too much). It all happened too fast to get a barf bag in front of him. He was covered. His seat was covered. I felt terrible for him and for the crew who wouldn’t let me help clean it up. Worse yet, we didn’t bring a change of clothes in our carryon, so we had to wait and wait and wait for our bags to show up. They somehow came out last. I was afraid they’d been lost. Ugh.

Poor kid. No cookies on the return flight. (No fist class, either).