Oh my god I have been unknowingly waiting for this forever.

I used to take my kids camping up at the lake all the time. You know, dad stuff. They would find tadpoles and frogs and such, and sometimes we would even bring them home but release them after a couple days.

So one day, i start smelling something rank in my explorer. For the life of me i couldn’t figure out what the hell it was. Then it started to get worse. It wasn’t like dead mammal, because that’s its own smell. It wasn’t even dead fish; also recognizable. And dead amphibian is close enough to dead fish. I wasn’t even sure it was something dead. It just smelled like the worst buttfunk you could ever imagine mixed with basil. Yeah, i said it. Basil. Spent a lot of time with that smell.

So I clean my car and clean it and search under every seat. Nothing. It’s driving me crazy. Finally after about two weeks I find it. Or them, really. One of those little bastards found about 15 snails and left them in the door pocket.

I get sick thinking about it now. And I haven’t had caprese in years.