sure there was puke and various juice boxes in the center arm rest that got left in when the arm rest was closed but one of the most disgusting things my child ever did was when she somehow threw a chunk of banana up on the ceiling of the back seat of the car... what was disgusting about that is she did it in middle school and myself never riding in the back of the car never noticed the chunk of banana on the ceiling. Even when I vacuumed the rear out or cleared out the juice box mess from the arm rest I never looked up and noticed it there, so it sat there until she was beginning her senior year in high school and I finally got a new vehicle and the 2004 Accord she had been riding in and then learning to drive in for the last decade became hers. When it was hers, I helped her personalize it with some pink and leopard stuff from pepboys and was giving it a clean with her when she pointed out the chunk of banana that had been on the ceiling for the last 5+ years and had gone from a mushy mess to a moldy mess to a hard petrified dark mass of grossness that required a scraper and then several coats of rug cleaner to remove and even then there is still a stain. She just laughed and laughed and laughed as I was scrubbing away about how funny she thought it was that it had been there this whole time