Jezzies.....A Call To Action!

If you are in Los Angeles, vote “No” on Charter Amendment C on May 16!!

(Yes there is another election.)

It claims to create civilian oversight and be for more police accountability but I guarantee it will result in more cops getting off without punishment. The police union is behind it, so you know that it was not intended to ensure cops get punished. The entire civil rights community in LA is against it. We need help spreading this message as far as we can b/c the police co-opted our language of “civilian oversight” and many will vote for this measure not understanding what it’s about!

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The LA Times did a scathing take down, saying “Measure C pretends to be about police reform. Instead, it’s a noxious sleight of hand. Vote no.” 

Hear the debate btwn the police union and ACLU at

The list of groups against is long and growing: ACLU, Black Lives Matter-LA, Community Coalition, LA Community Action Network, SCLC, Bend the Arc, East Area Progressive Democrats, the list goes on and on:

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Happy to answer any questions!!