Any of you guys donated your eggs before? I would like the honest truth about how miserable the process is. I almost did it last year after I quit my job and needed money, but I was starting to chicken out when I got another job so I noped out of the application real quick. Now the money is tempting me again. I’m in grad school so I need to get through the summer months when I don’t get paid (I was counting on continuing to freelance for this one company but they stopped paying me so that’s off the table) I make about 15k a year between my assistantship and side gigs so another 6 or 7 grand is serious money for me. But I’m also a real wimp. So how bad is it? on a scale from 1-10 where 1 is ‘normal period type discomfort’ and 10 is ‘pure misery for 4-6 weeks’ (and working full time for minimum wage is like a 6.5).