Just as an update from my last SNS post: I left for a week,he was supposed to too, but he apparently had more going on.

I have ovarian cancer. Almost a year ago I had a laperotomy. Then went through 6 mo of chemo. It had spread to my lymph nodes. I’m having a hard time adjusting.

He can’t seem to adjust to this. I’m getting off of pain meds that I’m now addicted to. I’m sleepy and achy constantly.

I had a major surgery that cut me from 2in above my belly button to my labia.

Which, BTW, if you’re feeling bloated, uncomfortable, generally uneasy... See a doctor. My tumors were too big for a laparoscopy. Greatfruit sized home.

I have been collecting money like a loon. I don’t have enough to leave with my kiddos. I don’t even know if I’m employable.

Any advice is welcome.