I got into a fight of sorts with one of my oldest friends last week and I’m STILL mad about it.

I’ve been driving the two of us out to go skating twice a week on weekends (she has a driver’s license but is afraid of driving) and because we live out in the suburbs it’s about a 20-30 minute trip each way.

We were talking about also going on Tuesday night lessons since the rink schedule is changing soon, and I said I could be able to make it unless I had something from work come up last minute. (I work full-time and also freelance, which means long hours and, on the freelance side, last-minute projects with extremely short deadlines). I told her that if something came up Tuesday with a short deadline I’d probably have to cancel on her because I already work full time and even 2-3 hours makes a difference for a freelance project.

When I mentioned that she got REALLY upset and just said “But what about my ride?” and went on to say that it’s not her fault I’m busy and she shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of not being able to go skating. She told me that I could just get extensions or turn down the projects (not an option, because money) and ended everything with “Well then, I hope you don’t get ANY more projects because it would mess up my schedule.”

Like... excuse me??? I am doing her a favor by driving every single time even though I really dislike driving, and it’s not like I ask her to help pay for gas. On one hand I think that my friend’s frustration at not being able to find a job is probably factoring into this, but on the other hand... even when she was also working she’d pester me about leaving work early so I could hang out with her, since her work day ended earlier. We’ve known each other for at least 15 years and she’s always been really bossy, but I was kind of... Wait what? Lol.

TL;DR I feel like my friend is treating me like her personal free Uber and it’s pissing me off.