Separated, divorce should be final in like June.

Started dating a guy 2 months ago. We have gone one dates but he has a crazy schedule and kids so a lot of our time together has been me coming over after bedtime to chill then heading home at like 2am. On weekends when he didn’t have kids I stayed over like brought my toothbrush had my friend watch my animals stayed over for the weekend. He wants to take it really slow which I am fine with but I was hoping to set some boundaries but this has come in the form of several long overbearing “title” conversations which are just cyclical and exhausting. This week was bad. I had previously told him I deleted my dating app account and earlier this week I asked if he had done the same. He said he hadn’t but hasn’t been using it and he would have to think about it. He then said that we weren’t dating. It stung SO BAD I am still reeling. He keeps saying nothing has changed and we’re just in the process of getting to know each other. I’m pumping the fucking brakes I’m so hurt. Like we were dating right? Am I crazy? He has gone out w my coworkers and friends my friends said we totally seemed like a couple and were surprised we didn’t have any sort of title. I’m mid 20s I know I have so much ahead of me this just suuuucks. I met my ex when I was 18 so never dated in the adult world. Dating is weird