I was our 4th year anniversary and we went out to a fancy fondue restaurant in Providence. On the way up my ‘00 Cherokee started to overheat, luckily we got to the parking garage before it died and I called AAA to come tow it. We went to eat, food was shit, AAA showed up and the Jeep started without a hitch. Cool, the problem fixed itself.

Nope. We get three miles down I-195 before smoke starts coming out of the hood. Shit. Pull over and call AAA again. GF is already angry for shitty food and now is even angrier because of shitty Jeep. AAA came an hour later and brought our asses home.

Turns out one of the fans stopped spinning, it was a simple fix but it was a sign that the Jeep and the relationship were on their ways out. She convinced me to sell it that summer and buy a ‘06 Civic, which is the most reliable car I’ve owned but it’s a reminder of how I sold out in desperation to please her and in the end it didn’t pay off. We broke up a year later and I still want that XJ back.