Best I can do:

15 or 16 years ago some friends and I decided to drive to Charleston, SC from Knoxville, TN for an extended weekend of summer beach camping. In all our wisdom we chose my ‘88 Saab 900 with 200k on the clock. It had been a mostly reliable car, after I replaced the clutch and master cylinder, and if you disregard the fact that reverse went out days after I did that job, and that my sister learned to drive stick on it so the next time I replaced the clutch (not too long after the first time) I also rebuilt the trans.

Anyway, middle of summer, somewhere in the swamp or lowland or whatever they call it when it’s 100 F outside and sopping wet, the engine starts to overheat. The lid to the overflow tank had cracked so it wasn’t doing a particularly good job if keeping coolant where coolant goes. We weren’t too far from the nearest exit, and that exit dropped us at a small town. Getting there was an issue. We sat there for a few hours to let the engine cool. And drove it half a mile or so until the temp started rising again. Then sat there for a few hours for it to cool off. And then drove it another half mile. This went on for, eight or ten hours as we’re reaffirming our decision to leave at the crack of dawn.

Finally get to town and there’s no auto parts store but there is a True Value. One tapered rubber stopper, a hose clamp around the opening, and a dozen or so hose clamps daisy chained to go around the tank to keep the plug from popping out and we were on our way. Didn’t turn back, didn’t get a tow. Drove it the rest of the way to Charleston, had a great weekend, and drove all the way back to TN.

Not my finest fixit moment, but if it’s stupid and it works, it isn’t stupid.