Mine is still burned in my memory to this day and is the reason why if I see you stranded I just keep driving:

Rewind about 11 years ago when my wife and I were newlyweds and on the weekends drove home to stay with her parents one weekend and my parents the next (Married while she was in college so we lived in their married housing on campus). I raced bicycles so typically would drive separate so that if she wanted to come home early she could. This Sunday in particular we were driving home together with her in her freshly painted Lebaron and me in a recently swapped Honda Accord (young, dumb, and broke).

As we get close to her school which was out in the middle of nowheresville, GA, we almost hit a darn car that’s stalled in the middle of the road with no lights on. I call my wife on the phone and say “Hey these guys are in trouble let’s turn around and go back and help them.” We turn around and both park off the side of the road and I get out to see what’s up.

When I walk up it’s obvious their alternator and battery are dead. I tell them how dangerous it is that their car is sitting there in the dark and that we need to at the very least push them off the side of the road until their tow comes. Literally 30 seconds after I put my hands on their trunk and begin to push one of them yells “RUNNNN!” and we bolt off the side of the road just in time to have someone rear-end their car, ricochet off, and smash into the side of my wife’s car.

I sprint over to her car to make sure she’s okay, which she is, but her car is obviously trashed. Dude that hit her swears he never saw us which I believe because I almost hit them.

Neither insurance company will assume responsibility and we end up just losing the car and one of our modes of transportation. We end up buying a 1978 Ford Fairlane Futura (the I6 not the V8) and she drives that complete crap box for the next year. Car ate about a quart of oil every 5 days but we actually sold it for what we paid (probably doubled that in money spent on oil).

To this day I buy my wife the newer cars and I get older used ones because of how guilty I felt that she had to drive that crappy car for an entire year.