I was out four wheeling in the Croatan National Forest, and managed to get my truck stuck. I had a winch, but the ground is so soft there I pulled everything within winch reach out of the ground. I also had my trusty axe with me. I was about 100 yards from the main road, and there is very little traffic on this road, especially at night. I chopped up some wood, and built a small fire to keep warm by the side of the road. Me, my fire, and my axe, with my truck not quite visible down the trail.

So I’m sitting there about 30 minutes, and I suddenly realize, I’m a guy sitting alone in the middle of the woods with a large axe next to me. No one in their right mind is going to stop for the axe murderer in the forest. So I put my axe back in the truck, then continue to wait by the fire.

About 2 hours later a car finally comes by, carrying an older couple. They ask if I’m OK, and then offer to give me a ride. Unfortunately, they are going the wrong way, and the next civilization they will come to will put me about 50 miles farther from where I need to be. So I decline and tell them I really need to go the other direction to get help and home.

They drive about 1/4 mile, and I imagine the woman is telling her husband we can’t leave the poor guy out in the middle of nowhere. They slow down, turn around, and come back. They offer to take me back to civilization in the direction I need to go. I accept, and they do.

Civilization is a convenience store, so once there I call my friends (this is pre-cell phone days) fom help. They eventually come, but I sit there for 3 hours, until past when the store closes. All in all, from when I’m stuck to when I get home is like 10 hours. The next day I go there with a friend who has a 4x4, and we pull my truck out.