My father and I had just spent hours sitting through one of the coldest Green Bay Packers games of all time just to watch them lose on the final play and be forced out of the playoffs before getting to drive 3+ hours back home in the early morning hours in order to make it to work that morning. At least we would be warm back in the Enterprise rental we had taken to the game.

Driving home in the now snowy weather, visibility wasn’t great and we managed to hit a pretty sizable pothole that decimated the rear tire. We pulled off to the side and once again started bundling ourselves back up to bear with the frozen conditions again. We went to the back of the SUV and started the task of unloading all the tailgating supplies we had brought to the game in order to get to the spare. After unloading all the gear and pulling the extra tire out of the back, we realized Enterprise rented us a car with no jack to fix the tire.

After repacking the back of the car with anything that wouldn’t deal with the sub zero temps, we called Enterprise to see what they could do for us. At 2 AM, Enterprise customer service didn’t nearly have enough people to answer distress calls on a snowy, sub zero kind of night. After 30 minutes of hold music, we were informed we could expect a service truck within the next 2 to 3 hours... Sure enough at 4:30 AM help arrived with a functional jack to get our tire swapped out. Now we got to bundle up one more time to pack up our frozen busted tire and the rest of our gear before finishing the final hour of our drive.

After quick showers and a bite to eat, we both piled back in the car and headed to what seemed to be the longest day of work.

I no longer rent from Enterprise.