As with so many stories of miss-spent youth, mine involves trying to impress a girl. I had a classic Mini, and of course I was confident between my driving skillz and the Mini’s legendary handling that said girl would be head over heels, so off we went on a back road trip to show off both.

Now, old Minis are notorious for having inaccurate fuel gauges, and I was about to learn this the hard way when my Mini, starved of fuel, conked out halfway through a pitiful little village in the middle of nowhere. Which had no petrol station, and the nearest was a couple of miles away.

So, with my girl less than impressed and growing more so with every passing minute, we did the only thing we could, which was to hop on a bus to the next town, so we could get within walking distance of a petrol station. Then she got the pleasure of waiting for me to buy a gas can, fill it, and then repeat the oh so enjoyable trip back to my Mini (stinking out the bus with my petrol no less) to refuel it.

Needless to say, that was the end of that misadventure, and it was one of the few remaining ‘dates’ we had. Although to be fair, its kind of hard to impress a girl in a bright orange Mini with a ratty interior in the first place!

Moral of the story? Stick a full tank of fuel in your car before you set off trying to impress someone. Or maybe realize that your pride and joy isn’t that impressive to begin with.