It suffered from VWitis. They made a good affordable “peoples car” sports coupe in the Scirocco. Then VW built the Scirocco III (aka the Corrado) and realized that they had priced it too high and no one would buy a Scirocco for that price and had to rename the car to Corrado. They slowly and steadily have done the same thing to the Jetta and the GTI, well really their entire product line up (especially the special models like the Rs, Fahrenheits, etc... ). It all culminated at the height of the “Baby Audi” era in VW’s line up around the mk4/mk5 era. At which point VW tried to course correct a little with the Jetta and decontented it with the mk6 which alienated the baby Audi crowd and cheapened the feel of the car for the VW fan.

I own or have owned 2 mk2 Jettas (both GLIs), a mk3 GTI, a mk3 Golf, a B3 Passat GL, B4 Passat Wagon GLX... and my friends have had, mk2 Scricco, several mk2s and mk3s, mk4 GTI, mk4 Jetta, mk4 GLI, mk5 GTI, a mk6 Jetta (quickly traded for an Audi A4).... So I’m not new this world.

VW doesn’t want to make a peoples car anymore, they want a High end luxury line with Audi and a low line luxury line with VW. The Corrado was just a the messenger of what was to come.