I, too, adore sour cream in a way that’s not quite normal. Like you, Claire, I don’t feel quite right when there’s none in the fridge. I have two sour cream confessions:

  • I sub sour cream for the milk and butter in Kraft Max& Cheese. I use about 1/2 to 3/4 cup. The tartness of the sour cream makes the cheese taste more intense. And I grind a boatload of pepper onto it. I can easily eat the whole box. And while I’ll happily eat homemade mac & cheese I’ve never had any, in a restaurant or made by a home cook, that I prefer to the blue box made wit sour cream.
  • Ok, this one is tough to confess but Carl confessed so I must, too. When I was a young cook, back at the dawn of time, Campbell’s had an ad that featured a recipe they called Souped-Up Minute Rice. You bring a can of Campbell’s cream-of-anything soup and a can of water to a boil, stir about 2 cups of Minute Rice into it, return it to a boil, slap the lid on and take it off the heat. You let it sit for 10 minutes, et voila! Your side dish to go with meatloaf or porkchops or whatever. Well, I added my own touches to this dish and now it’s my go-to comfort food: i use cream of chicken soup. I add cut up leftover meat, usually steak or chicken, along with the rice. I add a few tablespoons each of parsley and freeze dried chives, as well as plenty of ground pepper. When it’s ready to serve, I stir in a big spoonful of sour cream.

So, there you have my food shame. Don’t judge me too harshly!