What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever put on ramen? Canned tuna. I regretted it.

Have you ever put Doritos on a tuna sandwich? No but I’ve always put doritos on my PB&Js

Which condiment do you overuse to the point of impropriety? I’ve fallen deeply in love with hoisin sauce recently.

Do you have a deep love for a much-hated food? Liver. Chicken livers or beef. I adore liver. My favorite way to have it is sauteed with onions and deglazed with a little fresh squeezed orange juice and some whiskey. Also a huge fan of pate. If I see you eating (and enjoying) the pate I inevitably lay out at every gathering you will become my best friend

Who is your secret fast food love? I recently took a trip to Guatemala and experienced the awesome that is Pollo Campero. Best friend chicken I’ve ever had. I even swiped a bottle of their green hot sauce and brought it back into the states. I also have a deep and abiding love for egg mcmuffins. I try to only eat them when I’m travelling or on the road or desperately hungover.