I have many things to say on this topic

  • What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever put on ramen? it’s not very strange, but a room mate once made ramen, drained all the water, then proceeded to fry it up with butter. It was the most delicious ramen ever. I’ve only ever replicated this once due to the extreme shame of it all.
  • Have you ever put Doritos on a tuna sandwich? probably, I used to put chips on nearly all my sandwiches and hot dogs for a while (if you put them on the bun and under the dog it’s less messy).
  • Which condiment do you overuse to the point of impropriety? closest answer to this would be chik fil a sauce. I use it on the waffle fries and would keep packets to use on chicken I cooked at home and mix it with my rice. I had a problem.
  • What’s your stance on expired foods? I treat expiration dates like the magical day the food goes from edible to deadly.
  • Do you have a deep love for a much-hated food? Brussel’s sprouts. I love baking them with sweet potatoes and cinnamon, or just the cinnamon if I don’t have sweet potatoes (oil and salt goes in there too obvs)
  • Who is your secret fast food love? Pizza, I will always be down for pizza. $5 hot-n-ready? yes please.

Story time:

1. I discovered Ketchup chips in Canada and they became my favorite thing ever. When I got back to the states I was saddened by the lack of Ketchup chips, so I settled for dipping plain potato chips in ketchup. You’d be surprised how many people found this strange and disgusting. I guess they didn’t know what french fries are made of.

2. I used to have tuna and saltines as a snack. One time I ran out of saltines and the nearest thing to me was a banana. I shrugged and gave it a try and found it to be delicious and this became a regular snack for me. I don’t tell a lot of people about it due to obvious reasons, but seriously try dipping a banana in tuna sometime.

3. Speaking of bananas, I grew up eating bananas with my soup. I guess it’s a Colombian thing? you just cut up a banana and put it in your soup, I suppose there’s a pattern here with bananas taking over the job of crackers.

4. Speaking of weird Colombian snacks, this is the one I’ve managed to horrify people the most with: cheese in chocolate milk. My mom’s side of the family’s go-to breakfast was chocolate milk with saltines (unsalted) and queso fresco. You drop chunks of the cheese in the chocolate milk while it’s still hot so it gets all melty and wonderful. If you’re feeling bold, you dump a stack of saltines on top of it then crush them with your spoon and let them soak up the milk. Spoonfuls of heaven I tell you.