Probably too late to the comments to get picked up.

Now-wife’s first car was a 1986 LeBaron coupe turbo, which had the nickname “86'er”, looking like this:

The pros:

  • ooh, velour interior
  • kinda fast once turbo started working for a while
  • former grandma grocery-getter, only had 45k on the odometer

The crap:

  • 3 speed auto that sucked? check
  • blown front shocks that made us almost eligible for a Warren-G music video? check
  • spilled Costco-sized laundry detergent in trunk that made it smell way too fresh? check
  • always having to carry 4+ various liquids for oil, coolant, etc. in the trunk? check
  • boost creep? check
  • bad thermostat? check
  • required me to rent a Rug Doctor because now-wife booted out the window on 880 when returning from a house party, and all said boot went out the side window, and splattered the entire back seat, back ceiling, back window, etc., the night before I had to work a 7 a.m. shift? check
  • too small to even be able to fuck in? check
  • too shitty that even the “we’ll take any car, running or not” charity wouldn’t even take it? check

Glad that thing is long gone. Sold it to a friend for $300 I think, he amassed over $300 in parking tickets, got impounded, he just forgot about the car entirely, lol.