The chances anyone sees this are slim but, whatever, here we go.

Every time I see a first generation Toyota Yaris I get a little sick. I dated a girl in college who had a stripped down bare bones yaris sedan. Everytime we went somewhere she insisted we take it because gas was astronomical at the time and it got better gas mileage than my truck.

We once took it on a 5 hour road trip and I swear to you it was by far the most miserable experience of my life.

Was the car roomy and practical? Yes.

Was the car super economical? For sure.

Was the car at all entertaining to drive? HELL NO

The car was similar to our relationship- it made sense, it worked most of the time but it didn’t incite passion at all, also much like the car she was kind of bitchy. We broke it off (Turns out the yaris is good for other things and guys...)and then a month later I met the woman I would marry some two years later. Thank God she doesn’t drive a yaris. 

TL;DR First gen yaris is the car equivalent to cleaning out a sink and finding soft squishy decomposing food in the bottom.