Our horses, thus far:

Krudler, the racing horse, black body, white mane, black spots on white butt. I went for him because I thought he looked cool. I keep him out of nostalgia.

Princess (RIP), chestnut. Decent stats, solid color, took 45 minutes to tame at the start of the game (I went for her right after Krudler). Died in a fire 1 hour later.

Sanic (RIP), brown horse, white face. All stats 1, except speed, which was 4. I put flowers in his hair because it was funny. He went WAY TOO FAST and ended up getting murdered by a wizrobe.

Artax, my sweet, beautiful Artax. He’s solid blue, because he’s depressed (and I didn’t know there was a white horse in the game at that point). We gave him a mohawk. 4s in all stats except for his 3 strength. He’s beaten all challenges when even better horses fail.

Epona, amiibo cheat horse. We don’t use her often.

The Boss, White horse, blond hair. Named after the Boss from Metal Gear. We braided her hair so she looks serious and badass. Fast as hell special quest horse.

And finally, our very favorite...

Gannonhoof, the giant horse. No introduction needed.

I fucking love these horses. XD