Oh MAN. My buddy’s 1984 Toyota Tercel, in a beautiful orange that was nearly indistinguishable from rust. More cardboard on this thing than metal, I’m convinced. When driving down dirt roads you could feel the rocks hit the bottom of your feet. The tach had redline marked at about 6k, if memory serves, but it would never rev past 4-5k depending on the position of the stars and how recently the driver had had a bowel movement.

But this car. This lovely little car we affectionately named Stephen...
It had THE best mechanical quirk of anything I have ever seen or heard of.

Because, you see, this little Tercel had hand crank windows. Not odd on its own, but the passenger’s window had a fun extra feature.

If you rolled the window all the way down to the bottom, the door would open.

There was NO distinguishable click or bump in the crank mechanism- as SOON as the window was open, so was the door. Surprise!

This was especially fun (troublesome) at speeds over about 30mph because the geometry of the windowless frame made a rather good airfoil and the door would be pulled open by the wind. We found the butter-zone for this was around 45mph, where the door would be YANKED from your hands, open most of the way before the angle of attack was too steep for lift and was instead 100% drag, where the door would then THROW itself closed, bounce of the frame, and repeat ad nauseam.

And the only way to get the door closed at this speed was to catch it, desperately hold it shut, and frantically roll the window back up.

Oh also if you floored it in reverse on a slight incline the hood would unlatch.

I’ve been in Ferrari’s and in a Porsche GT3 and fancy BMW’s and Stephen will ALWAYS be the most fun car I’ve ever experienced.