I used to have a 1974 International Scout. There’s a whole list of weird things about that car I can list. Here are the most memorable:

1. The engine had a Lucas ignition coil. Why anyone would purposefully put British electric parts on an American engine is beyond me.

2. When the headlights were on, the gas gauge continuously showed full, no matter how much gas was actually in the tank.

3. When the right turn signal was on, the radio didn’t work.

4. When the air conditioning was on, the engine would not run above 3600-3700 rpm.

5. The driver’s seat was almost entirely made of Mossy Oak duct tape, as the leather and foam had ripped off at some point during the car’s previous ownership.

6. The transmission shifted horribly (Think 20 pounds of force to put it in gear) unless a very specific synthetic 50 weight oil for Eaton transmissions was put in, in which case it would shift super smooth. The transmission wasn’t even made by Eaton. It was a Borg-Warner.

7. Care had to be taken pushing on the clutch, as the fuse box was under the edge of the dashboard, right above where your leg stays when in front of the clutch. If you incorrectly placed your leg, fuses would be knocked out of the fuse box and electric features of the car would cease to function.

8. The fuse box had a random position for a 4 amp fuse seemingly going to nothing in particular.

9. The trailer brake connector was set up with a 5 amp self-resetting circuit breaker instead of a brake controller. The breaker would trip and reset to modulate the trailer brakes when stopping. The only problem was that it had one type of modulation only, no matter how hard or soft you were stopping. It was promptly replaced with a real brake controller.

10. Gas would leak out of the filler neck about 1 in 10 times of filling the tank. I never found the leak.