My co-worker’s story since Kinja sucks and won’t let him post.

He had a 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit. He had a problem one day when the car’s automatic transmission would not shift out of 2nd gear. He was able to get to work, limping along in 2nd gear. That evening the car was just fine and he drove home with no issues.

A couple days later, the issue repeated itself. This time, he limped straight to the dealer. The dealer was unable (of course) to replicate the problem. As is par for the course, the dealer sent him on his way.

A couple days later, the issue returned. He went to the dealer again. This time, he left the car running so the dealer could see the problem in action. They asked that he leave the car with them. After running diagnostics, they called him to tell him they had found the issue...

The car had been assembled with the wrong dash. Yes, the wrong dash. They had installed the dash from a Volkswagen Jetta into his Rabbit. This was causing intermittent issues related to communication with the car’s computer system, which would occasionally prevent the car from shifting.

Their solution was to give him another new Rabbit since they had already sold his trade-in vehicle. The problem is that the Rabbit doesn’t (didn’t) come with all the features of the Jetta, so it was a bit of a “downgrade.” However, the dealer said they couldn’t let him leave with the Rabbit. It apparently “did not exist” to Volkswagen since it was incorrectly assembled. They wound up giving him the upgraded wheels and handed him the keys to a replacement Rabbit (no change in money involved).

Does that qualify as a “quirk”?