My flatulent 2001 VW Jetta 1.8T.

It was good until I took some highway trips with it. After an hour or so of driving, I’d pull into a toll booth, for example, and when I pulled away, it would be slow.

Well, not just slow. It would start out normal, then the boost would start building, it would begin to push me back in my seat... then it would let one rip and the boost would be gone. Give it a few seconds more, it would start building pressure again, fart, and slow again.

I took that car to multiple dealerships, probably a good ten times, for this issue. Finally one of them figured it out. The turbo plumbing had an O ring that had split. When it was cold, no problem. But when it warmed up... from a road trip... it couldn’t hold it anymore and let it rip. Flatulently.

The dealership that finally found it ordered four O rings... and broke three of those before finally getting the fourth in successfully.