I was in a cab in Manhattan about 10 years ago, stopped at a red light. In front of us was a balding, middle-aged guy in a cry-for-help-mid-life-crisis convertible, and in front of him was an SUV. As soon as the light turned green, convertible guy starts honking his horn, really laying on it. The SUV goes into park, and a giant New Yorker climbs out. Convertible man is terrified and shields his face as SUV guy walks over, anticipating a punch in the mouth. SUV guy calmly reaches into the convertible, shifts it into neutral, takes the keys out of the ignition, and throws them across the street.

SUV guy just as calmly, and without saying a word, gets back into his car and drives away, leaving convertible man trembling in fear and backing up traffic on a busy Manhattan street all around him.