Was on my way to see my folks and about a half a block behind these guys when I saw it happen.

One car was a Dodge Charger, I think. The other I don’t remember, so I’ll call it the Gremlin. Charger was the lead car in the right lane, driving like a normal human being, Gremlin was tailgating it mercilessly, kinda doing that faux-swerve move when someone REALLY wants the lead car out of the way and is trying to find the perfect time to make the move into the passing lane. Gremlin moves over, hits the gas hard to zip by the Charger, aggressively cuts ahead of the Charger, and then emphasizes his anger over being “held back” by the Charger by tapping his brakes.

It was at this point that the Charger turned on his lights.

Gremlin tailgated AND brake-checked an undercover cop car.