Driving home to Jersey from Pittsburg with my friends one summer, some asshole cut me off three times in 5 minutes. The guy blew past his yield sign when we were merging onto 76 and would have t-boned us if I hadn’t slammed on the brakes. There were only two lanes so the guy nearly hit us twice while passing trucks.

I managed to get past this guy after a few miles and them proceeded to match speeds with a semi so the guy was pinned on all sides. He started flashing his high beams so I sped up and gunned it so he couldn’t pass me on the right. I then pulled up just beyond another semi and blocked him in again. The high beams started flashing so I just did the exact same shit again.

I did this for Fifty. Five. Miles.

When the highway finally opened up, the guy floored it past me because there was no one there to help me block four lanes.

The best part? About three miles past the spot where dude took off we passed him and an NJ state trooper having a chat, presumably about his driving habits.