Not as crazy as some of the other stories but certainly got great revenge on a royal witch. At one company I worked at, employees were assigned parking passes to designate which lots they parked in. Earlier hires got the better spots and later hires got stickers that relegated them to lots further from the building. Realistically it was not a big deal as the distance added maybe 1 - 2 minutes. As folks got promoted to more senior positions, they were usually assigned to the closer lots.

One particularly difficult person in a low level inside sales position fancied herself as Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross. She always walked around barking orders to various people and loudly proclaiming about how busy she was closing big accounts. The fake it till you make it show(wo)manship extended to the expensive pantsuits, Bluetooth headset permanently grafted to her head, Blackberry (remember the Pearl?) without data service, and her barely mechanically sound 1997 Audi A4 1.8T. Rumor was the car was in a horrible accident, and badly rebuilt. The engine sounded horrible, the fan belt squealed in protest, shot suspension that bounced the car like a low rider, and pretty blue smoke belched with each hard acceleration as she drove way too fast in the parking lot. Unsurprisingly, she was not well liked.

Anyway, she would often park her A4 in the lot closest to the building. The office manager repeatedly warned her to park in her assigned lot. Big shot either ignored her or suggested important people like herself deserved to be assigned a choice parking assignment. Threatened with being towed, she started parking in the fire lane just outside the lot. Again, warnings to not park outside of marked spaces were ignored or led to the usual bitching about needing a better parking space.

Fed up, the office manager had the car towed. The best part was she did not call a local towing company. Instead, she called one that was 150 miles away. When saleswoman found out her car was towed, she had an absolute fit and threatened to have the office manager fired. Uhhhh... sure.... in her mind, entry level drones have the power to do that. I heard from others in sales that the call to the tow company led to the most epic of meltdowns. Already mad that her car was towed, she lost it when she found out she needed to make a 300 mile round trip to retrieve her car. Not only that, but she had to pay the impound fee, hook fee, and a rate per mile. She ended up smashing her work phone, Blackberry, desktop computer, and monitor. She then proceeded to take all of her files and scatter it all over the inside sales area. A nonstop verbal tirade threatening to kill the office manager did not score her many brownie points. To no one’s surprise, it was her last day as security marched her out to a taxi looking like she lost a fight to an angry badger.