When I was a teenager some other teenager that I didn’t know shot a spitwad from the passenger seat of the car driving next to me. The prick was a good shot because the thing hit me in the cheek. The only thing I had to retaliate with was a nearly full 32oz bottle of Gatorade. The stupid assholes slowed down waaaaay before they needed to at a light in order to try to shoot another spitwad at me, and that was a huge mistake.

As I came up next to them I threw the bottle, and let me tell you, it was the best throw of anything - footballs, baseballs, wadded up paper in the trash, ANYTHING - that I’ve ever made in my life. As it was passing through the passenger window, it turned upside down, dousing the passenger/shooter with its contents. The driver was twisted towards me in his seat, and the bottle then hit him square in the chest, ricocheted into the steering wheel and fell out of sight, probably still dumping sticky ass Gatorade on the floor of the car. I heard a scream of rage as I took a right at the red light; they were boxed in by the cars behind me and couldn’t follow.

tl;dr: Guy shoot spitwad, gets drenched in Gatorade.