About 15 years ago or so, during the Christmas shopping season, at the mall. There was LOTS of snow piled in the lot, so the already limited parking was SEVERELY restricted. Some jackass in a BMW takes two spots by parking centered on the line that divides them. Not even that nice a BMW (mid-range, 5 or 6 years old, not washed recently [Maine winter]). So I decide to teach him a lesson / have no other options anyway, and park my car on his drivers side, leaving about 2 inches between his drivers door and my passenger door. So close I have to fold my passenger mirror in to fit, but I am within “my” parking spot and not hindering the other car on my drivers side who parked like a normal person (91 Civic HB, FTW!).

Fast forward about 2 hours, and I have finished my shopping and am leaving the mall. There he is, in the flesh, sitting on his trunk, totally pissed off. Someone had parked the same way I did, on the other side of his car, totally preventing him from leaving. Supposedly, he had been waiting for over an hour, though seeing as it was about 15degrees outside, I kind of doubt that. Looking back, I now wish I had simply gone back inside when I first noticed him, and spent another hour or two “shopping”. Serves him right.