Probably the guy in the white BMW who decided to make the shoulder into his personal express lane while waiting to merge on a backed up on-ramp - I mean, we’re talking afternoon rush hour in Chicago, so no one is going anywhere anyway, but this guy apparently just really needed to be at the front of the line because...reasons? Who knows...

Unfortunately for bimmer-man, the entire hive-mind of the right lane decided that this man was not worthy to join traffic, and didn’t give this dude an inch to merge on to the expressway. Traffic made things into a parking lot anyway, so it wasn’t exactly difficult to to keep the gaps between cars at a minimum, but anytime this guy tried to swerve into a little bit of space (no turn signal, obvo) he was straight up denied. It was glorious.

After about a minute of the universe imposing its will on the guy, dude just gives up and takes off down the shoulder. Straight up guns it out of frustration, just passing everybody on the right, kicking up shoulder debris all over the place. Unbeknownst to bimmer-man, the Universe had one more Karmic surprise in store for him, in the way of an Illinois State Trooper. I had never - and since this happened, have never - seen anyone get pulled over on the Edens, except for this guy. It was literally the perfect storm of justice.

He had to sit in his car while everyone rolled by at <5 mph and honked at him. It was the most fun I’ve ever had driving in traffic.