There I was, in a rental Dodge Caliber filled to the roof with all my pre-military worldly possessions. I was taking them from Tampa to Atlanta to store at my mom’s house to pick up at a later date when I no longer lived in a dormitory.

While cruising north on I-75 south of Macon, a black BMW is weaving in and out of traffic. His attempts to get wherever he’s going are in vain. He passes me on the left, then his lane slows down and I pass him again. Passes on the right with the same effect. A pocket of drivers are visibly annoyed with him aggressively trying to maneuver through traffic. He finally gets an opening and wooshes past me. 30 seconds later a Georgia Highway Patrol car repeats the act with its lights on. He is pulled over and the pocket of drivers that he’s annoyed are overjoyed. Probably. I didn’t talk to them but I remember seeing people wave as they drove by.

I-75 does a peculiar thing in that it goes around the city of Macon. If you are headed towards Atlanta, staying on I-75 adds probably 20 miles or more to the journey. If you own a map, you would see I-475 is more direct bypass of the city. I see the BMW pass me at the I-75/475 split.I continue on the more direct 475 route, mr BMW takes the longer route all the way around Macon on I-75.

North of Macon, 75 and 475 merge again. To my astonishment, the BMW and I arrive at the merge at the same time. I thought, ‘that asshole had to have been seriously speeding to get here at the same time!’ This is where he is pulled over AGAIN! He’s swearing and beating his steering wheel. I imagine he probably told the state trooper he was entitled to drive faster as it was more safe; especially given he’s at the helm of the ultimate driving machine.

It was fucking glorious.