Where to start.....

Senior year of high school - tethered my buddy and younger brother to the luggage rack on the roof of my parent’s ‘92 Explorer so they could stand up and moon a passing Amtrak train that we kept pace with down a frontage road.

Senior year of high school - Stuffed 20 fellow students into that same Explorer after a parade to get them back to the starting lot and to their cars rather than have them walk for a couple of miles in high heat.

Senior year of high school - Took an ‘89 Camry with five-speed up to an estimated 135 mph on I70 coming down the Alamogordo side of the San Augustine pass near White Sands Missile Range with my friend (who owned the car) in the passenger seat marking off the mile markers and timing to get the speed.

Senior year of high school - Sat in the bed of a friend’s Toyota T-100 unsecured with another friend while the truck’s owner did a series of high-speed fishtailing maneuvers around the trees that were spaced out just perfectly in our high school’s side lot.

Senior year of high school (see a pattern?) - Running from the police with that same friend in a ‘98 New Beetle TDI through a suburb in development and hiding in the garage of an empty home for sale.

Yea, somehow I see it as a miracle I lived to see graduation