3 stories of hanging on, in order.

1. Using my shoes against ice and sliding behind my grandmas truck (unknown to her) down the street. Held on like a boss and got off when I was satisfied.

2. Using a beyond cheap snowboard and riding behind my brothers old corolla based nova. I used the license plate light housings to hold on. Fell off at 10-15mph.

3. Rode a skateboard behind a gen 2 rx7. Thank god this car had a wing as I was hanging on at 35 mph on a bumpy road and had all my weight on the car. The skateboard was bouncing off the road and staying beneath my feet from this alone. I used my tubing experience to signal them to stop (ran my finger across my neck) but they just went until the road ended at a T-intersection. Held on the whole way by strangling a poor gen 2 rx7s spoiler and putting most of my weight on the hatch.

Those all happened in order and I only ride inside of cars after the rx7 moment.