NYC, A train uptown from from Penn Station, mid 1990s. Very end of the last car. Morning rush hour.

A guy in a blue windbreaker asks a man to take his hands out of his pockets. He refuses. Repeat this a few times while walking forward. The guy in the windbreaker pulls out a can of pepper spray and discharges it *in the closed and moving train car*. The guy finally takes his hands out of his pockets holding a gun. The gun is not firing, but clicking. This appeases no one.

Windbreaker guy *leaves the train car* in a flash for the next car. WTF? Guy with gun is covered in pepper spray, yelling “you don’t want to get involved”.

I’m in the corner next to a pregnant woman who is understandably, uncontrollably crying. We’re all in a cloud of pepper spray.

The train pulls into the next stop, 42nd, only 8 blocks. and sits there for what was likely five seconds, but felt like five minutes before the doors open. When the doors open, there are about six or eight people in the same blue windbreaker looking for the guy who is still on the train.

I get the pregnant woman up to the street for fresh air, both of us have burning eyes. I call work and say I’m going back home.