1992. Bus from Playa del Carmen to Telum. Old Greyhound, stick shift 4 speed.

Driver gets on and he’s wearing a Trans Am jacket, fingerless driving gloves and Ray Bans. The prohibido sticker indicating we are forbidden to smoke cigarettes, carry drugs or guns on the bus is on the windshield, right above the bullet hole.

The driver treated the accelerator on the bus like an on-off switch and wound the shit out of that poor diesel between shifts. The dude was downshifting and engine braking for corners on the 1.5 lane road. He’d drop the wheels over the 12" dropoff on the inside of corners to hold the apex. Passing 4, 5 or 6 cars, trucks or carts at a clip with oncoming traffic and zero fucks given. He was a bus god.

Very fast trip there and back. One of the most memorable.