Well, I’ve been robbed at gunpoint on a bus...but that’s not that interesting. Here are three somewhat interesting stories:

1) Boarded a sketchy bus late at night with a friend. We are literally the only people on the bus and sit somewhere in the middle. At the next stop, a completely nude woman gets on the bus and walks to the back. It was awkward.

2) One of my friends found a small turtle he decided to adopt. He brought it on the bus with him and was holding it. We were sitting in the back and were exhausted from a long day of surfing. We fell asleep. I awoke in a panic to someone at the front of the bus screaming about a turtle. They then proceeded to toss it out the window.

3) I’m on a pretty packed bus but have found a window seat near the middle of the bus. At a stop, somebody boards the bus from the rear escape door (old de-commissioned school bus.) Next thing I know a goat is sitting on the seat next to me. I look at him, he looks at me, and then we both look forward and continue our journey.

5 internet points to anyone who can guess which country this was in. I guess these were more interesting than hellish...but you don’t want to know the hellish bus stories I have.