I was in the second car of the Metro North train that crashed into a car at a crossing in Valhalla, NY and burst into flames 2 years ago. That was pretty much the most hellish train ride I’ve ever been on. It was pretty surreal seeing people in the cars behind us that were all confused about why a bunch of people with terror in their eyes were tearing through their car.

After the accident and subsequent fleeing from the front of the train, we were stuck on the train for hours while emergency responders and the conductors argued over whether or not people should stay on the train or go out the emergency exits. People were so scared they were trying to rip out the windows and jump out. Ultimately I opened one of the doors with the emergency release and myself and a few others helped people out of the train. Once the train was empty I wound up getting a ride home from a friend of mine. I didn’t ride the train for a few days after that, and to this day I do not ride in the head car on any train or subway.